About the Conference

About the Conference
Data availability, data rates, data sizes, and data complexities have been rising over the past decade or so. They are expected to soar up even higher over the coming decades. As such, meaningful approaches to finding data-driven answers/solutions to questions/problems require fresh ways of identifying patterns and structure in the data using sophisticated statistical and computational methodologies. A computer age statistician is an expert who helps answer questions and make inferences based on such data, where questions may arise in fields as diverse as sciences, humanities, economics, business, governance and policy-making, healthcare, education, etc. Data analytics can deliver incremental improvements, drive fundamental transformations of business/government, as well as help in the evolution towards an economy propelled by insight.

On the home front, India is going through a digital transformation along with other countries around the world. Developments in information technology and related areas allow the government and private players to collect huge amounts of information from various sectors, with minimal or absolutely no cost. Further, the availability of such data and the necessary computational facilities, have fuelled the development of computationally intensive statistical models.

The aim of the conference is to make the meet as a rendezvous of computer age statisticians, to explore their remarkable contributions and journey through new vistas of the twenty-first century Statistics. The interactions during this meet are expected to excel the creativity of the delegates and spur them to contribute remarkable and productive research outputs.

Focus Areas:
  • Computer Age Statistics
  • Big and High Dimensional Data
  • Statistical Learning and Data Mining
  • Biostatistics/Bioinformatics
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Industrial Statistics
  • Spatial Statistics and Applications
  • Financial Statistics
  • Astrostatistics

Salient Features:
  • Jointly organized by Department of Statistics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Indian Statistical Association
  • Co-sponsored by Reserve Bank of India, Science and Engineering Research Board - Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, USA, International Indian Statistical Association, SAS Research & Development India Pvt. Ltd., Council of Scientific
    and Industrial Research, India 
  • Endorsed by ISBIS: The International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics: an Association of the International Statistical Institute
  • Plenary talks by eminent statisticians
  • Invited lectures by distinguished researchers from India and abroad
  • Contributory paper presentations
  • ISA Travel Awards for Young Researchers