Travel Awards

Foreign Participants  (International Travel): IMS Travel Awards

1) For New  Researcher (within 5 years of Ph.D)

2) For Masters and Ph.D. Students

Indian Participants:  ISA Student and New Researcher Travel Award (below 35 Yrs of age)

Students and new researchers from within India are encouraged to apply for Indian Statistical Association (ISA) Student and New Researcher Award. ISA is offering up to TEN travel grant awards to students and new researchers within India for attending and presenting their research work in this conference. Each award is worth Rs. 5000. Interested students and new researchers are requested to send their latest CV (the CV must include applicant's date of birth, details about the masters degree including GPA/Percentage, details of the awards/fellowships received till date, details about PhD and complete details about the publications, if any) and a short version of their paper (not more than 6 pages) to the organizers at with the subject line "ISA Student and New Researcher Travel Award - Your Name"   by 25th November 2018. The ISA travel grant awards will be declared by 5th December 2018.